Clooney’s Tequila Is His Biggest Recent Hit

On Thursday, it was announced that George Clooney (and his partners) had agreed to sell their high-end tequila brand to alcoholic beverage giant Diageo.  The brand, called Casamigos (in case you’re not a connoisseur of high-end tequila) could be worth up to $1 billion.  The deal pulls in $700 million now and up to another $300 million over the next decade, based on performance.

How does that stack up to Clooney’s other major creations in the last half decade or so?

Well, Casamigos was founded in 2013.  Since then, Clooney has five major motion picture releases.  Here they are, along with their box office totals:

Gravity (2013) – $723.2 Mln.

The Monuments Men (2014) – $155 Mln.

Tomorrowland (2015) – $209.2 Mln.

Hail Caesar! (2016) – $63.6 Mln.

Money Monster (2016) – $93.3 Mln.

Of these, only Gravity comes anywhere close to the tequila brand in terms of pay off.  Does Sandra Bullock have a custom alcohol side hustle?  That might be the next big acquisition.

In fact, even with Gravity‘s success, the total of the five movies is just barely above the potential sales price of Casamigos.  All told, the Clooney vehicles grossed $1.244 billion at the box office, an average of just under $250 million each.  So if you’re in business with Clooney, you want either four movies, or one good drinking option.

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