Scarjo Hems no2 052016

Welcome To Offbeat Wall Street!

This picture has very little to do with what this site is going to be about.  But we’ll get to that.

Generally speaking, when people think of Wall Street, their impression is triangulated somewhere between confusion, boredom and fatalism.  They say, “It’s too complicated.  It’s all just numbers and acronyms.  It’s just a way for the rich guys to take our money.”

Maybe.  But maybe it doesn’t have to be.  Our mission is to make the financial markets clear, interesting and accessible (and maybe even funny).

We’re working on our website.  We also have a podcast on the way.  For now you can follow us on Twitter.

And, to keep you occupied while we work on the site (and maybe help our SEO), we’ve decided to header this post with pictures of some attractive people.  For the gentleman (and some of the ladies), its Scarlett Johansson showing some cleavage.  For the ladies (and some of the gentleman), Chris Hemsworth, looking quite dapper.  Oh, and buy low, sell high; diversify; and if it seems too good to be true (i.e. Madoff), then it probably is. But we’ll get to that more in the future.  For now, enjoy the hotties.

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