Apple Is So Shy About Waterproof iPhones

We recently dropped our iPhone SE in the tub while listening to Enya. Don’t judge — it still works perfectly fine.

Apple’s iPhones have been getting progressively more waterproof, so why do they show no interest in advertising it?

For one, they don’t want you making a habit of using the iPhone near water until they have flawless waterproofing.

Also, Apple has to give you some reason to buy their iPhone 7.

An online poll recently found that only 9.3 percent of the U.S. iPhone users are planning to upgrade to the next iPhone if Apple sticks to the same old design of iPhone 6 and 6S. (Source: Quartz).

Look for the iPhone 7 to officially become Apple’s first waterproof phone.

“Without a headphone jack to trap water, Apple could coat the iPhone with a waterproof coating and make those third-party rugged, waterproof cases obsolete,” MacWorld writes.

That’s soothing bubblebath music to my ears.

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