This Week’s Podcast: Bob Roberts – Is $200 Million Too Much For A Socialist To Spend To Be President?

This week’s podcast is the “billionaires don’t beg” edition of Offbeat Wall Street.

The primaries are over, but we still have politics on our minds. The general election is about to get ramped up. We’ll take a quick look back at the money spent during the primaries.

The Republican campaign was like the baptism scene from The Godfather.  Donald Trump said words he might not really believe in…meanwhile his enemies were brutally dispatched one-by-one.

On the other side, the Democratic race was like this year’s NBA finals.  The outcome was never really in doubt, but we were all pulling for the underdog to make a show of it because we kind of feel bad for their fans.

But now that it’s over, we can do a postmortem.  We’ll look at who raised the most, who spent the most and who got the most bang for the buck.

We’ll also take a look at this week’s long awaited Federal Reserve meeting. A rate hike now is extremely unlikely. Still, that doesn’t mean that the Fed meeting is without drama.

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