Offbeat Roundup – Netflix Binge Scale; Billion-Dollar Hamilton; The Government Comes For Prince

Here’s a roundup of some of the more strange or noteworthy money-related stories from today:

Netflix Binge Scale

Netflix has released some data about binge watching.  The company said that when a person is into a series, they will typically watch a little over two hours a day to complete a season.  My 15 hours a day must have really skewed the results.  The true average, x-me, must be something like 20 minutes a day.

100 Million Hamiltons

The New York Times has a story about when Hamilton will pass the $1 billion mark in earnings.  At an estimated pace of $100 million a year, it would take about a decade to reach that level. (The NYT said that Wicked passed the $1 billion mark in 12 years).  That means that by the time I get tickets, Hamilton will have earned approximately $2.7 billion.

Death, Then Taxes

The trustee of Prince’s estate is saying that taxes could each up half of his fortune – currently estimated at around $250 million.  That could force the sale of a large number of unreleased songs left behind by the singer.  (Not sure that’s a bad thing – not that they’d be sold, but maybe the music should be released either way.)  In case you’re wondering, an F-15 costs about $30 million.  Which means the taxes from Prince’s estate would buy approximately four of them.

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