Wall Street Water Cooler June 16, 20016

Donald Trump said to “ask the gays” who would be a better president for the LGBT community. Many on social media used the hashtag with responses from “the gays.”

Trump’s unfavorability level is at 70%, the highest since announcing his presidential campaign, according to a Washington Post/ABC News survey.

It’s probably lower among “the gays” now, as it is among the “Mexican rapists.”

“His African-American” could not be reached for comment.


Walt Disney Co. opened Shanghai Disneyland, its first theme park in mainland China.

The company is hoping for anything to wash away the stain of the nightmarish death of a toddler at one of its Orlando resorts this week.

Authorities have found the body of a Nebraska boy who was snatched by an alligator on the shores of the Grand Floridian, just a few hundred yards from the Magic Kingdom.


Meep, meep!

Harley-Davidson’s all-electric motorcycles will be on the road within five years.

🎵Get yer motor running/
Head out on the highway/
Lookin’ for a chargin’ station/
And a place that sells Depends🎵

No surprise. This brand went from rebellious to Wal-Mart shelves in seconds flat.

We’ll all miss Mr. Midlife Crisis screaming into the neighborhood in his loud vroom-vrom toy, but, hey, anything for the planet.

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