Six Poll Results That Define America In 2017

Thus far 2017 has been a year of drastic social and political change in the US. With the GOP dominating the federal government, Americans on both the right and left have been stepping up and voicing the hopes and fears for social direction of the country. Here are six surprising, and not-so-surprising new polls about how people on the ground are viewing this time of social and political change.

Most Americans Believe Trump Is Performing As Expected.

In the final days of President Trump’s first 100 days in office a Gallup poll revealed that most Americans felt that the new President it performing about as expected. Overall about 56 percent of those polled said that reality-T.V.-star-turned-politician met their expectations, while 23 percent said he was underperforming and 19 percent said was performing above average.

The poll also found that about 39 percent predicted he will become more effective over time while 34 percent guessed his performance will tail off. Gallup Poll Senior Editor Lydia Saad summed up the poll noting:

“Trump’s performance as president is not surprising to the majority of Americans. For better or worse, the majority are getting what they expected.”

Cashless Society May Be Coming Sooner Than We Think

As many as one third of Americans and Europeans may be ready to embrace a completely cashless society in the near future according to a new a study released by the research firm Ipsos for the ING Bank website eZonomics. The study, titled ING’s International Survey Mobile Banking 2017 – Cashless Society, collected data from over 15,000 adults in the US, Australia, and 13 European countries.

The study was conducted between February 7 and 27 of this year and they found that 34 percent of Europeans, 38 percent of Americans and 24 percent of Australians were in favor of a totally cashless society. The highest favorability came in Turkey and Italy, where 40 percent of those polled were ready to ditch their billfolds.

Support For Legalized Marijuana Has Reach All-Time Highs

National support for legalized marijuana continues to burn across the US, with a CBS News poll finding it has sparked an all-time high. The new poll found the 61 percent of Americans polled were in favor of legal pot while only 31 percent wanted to keep weed illegal. This is a jump of five percent from last year, which was also an all-time high.

The poll also found that about 71 percent of those polled opposed the federal governments continued efforts to regulate pot and felt that it should be an entirely state regulated issue. Only 23 percent of those polled felt that marijuana posed any significant increase in violent crimes.

Support For Gay Marriage Is At An All-Time High

A new Gallup poll this spring has found that national support for same sex marriages in the US has reached an all-time high. In the poll around 64 percent of Americans agreed that same sex couple should enjoy equal marriage benefits to those in traditional marriages while 23 percent disagreed.

The poll followed traditional political party lines, but marked all-time highs for each party with 74 percent of Democrats, 71 percent of Independents and 41 percent of Republicans in favor of same sex marriage. Gallup analyst Justin McCarthy notes: “Republicans’ support for gay marriage is also at a new high and could trend toward majority support in the near future.”

Concerns Over The State Of Health Care Are Increasing

A new Gallup poll released earlier this month finds that an increasing number of Americans are concerned about health care. The poll found that 18 percent of respondents expressed some degree of concern on the matter, which marks a nine percent increase over last month. Health care has now tied with “dissatisfaction with government/poor leadership” atop Gallup’s ongoing poll data of most pressing issues for Americans.

The data came just after the GOP run House of Representatives approved a new bill that could drastically roll back health care protections initiated in the Affordable Care Act. In the poll about 24 percent of Democrats named health care as their primary concern contrasted with 17 percent of Independents and 14 percent of Republicans.

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